South Africans drink on average 5 to 6 cups of rooibos every day. Having a staggering 40% share of their hot drinks market; it is hard to find a place that does not serve rooibos on their menu. A strong rival to tea, coffee or hot chocolate it is enjoyed by pretty much everyone and not just as a cup of tea, but in a wide variety of recipes and health care remedies.

To make a cup of our finest Redbush Tea in the traditional way, we
recommend that you follow this simple method:

  1. Always boil fresh water - reboiling the water can take the oxygen out and can
    give your cup of tea a slightly metallic taste and will certainly impair the flavour.
  2. Use one Redbush tea bag per cup. Add the freshly boiled water.
  3. Allow to brew for two to five minutes.
  4. Serve on its own or sweeten with honey or sugar. You can try
    adding a slice of lemon or some milk according to your taste.
  5. If you do take your Redbush with milk, put the milk
    into your cup after the tea as this will avoid
    scalding the fats in the milk. If however
    you are making Redbush in a
    teapot, you can put the milk
    in the cup first.