At Redbush Tea we care hugely about the environment and have over the years put in place a number of policies and changes to ensure that we do what we can to protect and preserve our precious planet.

Our tea boxes are manufactured using timber sourced from managed, sustainable forests. The paper we use for our tea bags is made from non-chlorine bleached paper, which ensures that no damage is done to the environment but also that the flavour of the tea is not impaired and that there is no health risk to our consumers. The bag paper is made from a blend of fibres sourced from sustainable forests in Europe, Ecuador and the Philippines. Our Redbush is guaranteed GM free.

We have changed from sending out annually, a printed version of our Newsletter to an online PDF version which our customers can download if they wish; only new inquiries will receive a printed version.

We haven't stopped there, as in 2006 we made the decision to drop the use of non-sustainable palm oil in our handmade soap and change to one sourced from a Colombian plantation. Here the palms have replaced former coca (cocaine) plantations so we are not only providing a legal, but also a sustainable income for these farmers. Our decision to drop conventional palm oil supplied from the Far East is based on the environmental concerns we have had for some time now, long before the recent bad publicity regarding the deforestation or human rights issues, or the endangered status of so many plants and animal species. In essence, we are no-longer contributing to the problem, rather supporting an alternative and sustainable source.

Redbush Environmental Policy