Where does Redbush/rooibos come from?

Redbush or rooibos grows only in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Known locally as rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss”) it is made from the leaves of the plant, who’s botanical name is Aspalathus linearis.

What does rooibos taste like?

Rooibos has a refreshing taste, almost nutty but full bodied and very delicious. It is unlike any other herbal tea, as it does not need a blend of other ingredients to achieve a full colour, taste and aroma. Our exclusive grade of rooibos, is blended from the top 10% of the crop, we think that you probably won't find a better tasting cup of rooibos, in the UK.

Does Redbush Tea have any known side effects?

Redbush Tea has no known side effects; in fact it can be quite a beneficial drink if you have an upset stomach as it contains nine trace minerals which make it a delicious drink, gentle on the stomach and good for re-hydration.

Does Redbush Tea contain tannin?

Redbush Tea has less than half the tannin of regular black tea (Camellia sinensis). Tannin is a substance which gives a pigment responsible for tea’s colour and flavour, but more commonly known for giving a bitter after taste. In addition tannins can prevent the absorption of certain irons and proteins, which may be of concern if you are pregnant, nursing, anaemic or on a restricted diet. The natural lack of tannin in Redbush Tea means that it will not leave you with the bitter after taste that you often get from black tea, so you may find that you need less or even no sugar to enjoy a cup of Redbush. Try Redbush on its own the first time and then if you prefer, add milk or sugar to taste.

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How do I make a cup of Redbush Tea?

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What does “rooibos” mean?

Rooibos (pronounced ROY-BOSS), means literally red bush in Afrikaans. Although the bushes themselves are green, once fermented the leaves turn the rich dark red colour we associate with this delicious tea.

How many calories are there in rooibos?

Absolutely none! Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, this means it never undergoes a chemical process to strip the caffeine away, it just grows naturally that way and much better for you.

What are the benefits of rooibos

Rooibos is a great alternative to regular tea or coffee. It is completely pure and natural and contains no additives, caffeine, calories, preservatives or colourings. It is also free from genetic modification. Rooibos also has less than half the amount of tannin found in black tea, a substance which not only leaves a bitter after taste but can also prevent the absorption of iron and protein in your diet. 

It also contains nine trace minerals including iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and sodium - making a great thirst quencher and ingredient in sports drinks. Rooibos is also as hydrating like water, therefore counts towards your recommend 8 glasses a day.

I prefer to make my tea with loose leaves, where can I buy this from?

We sell loose Redbush in a beautiful limited edition tin which you can purchase from our online store. If you would just like loose tea or a refill then this also available from us in 125g foil pouches.

Is Redbush Tea Fairtrade™?

Our Redbush Tea is not Fairtrade™, but we do however donate a percentage of our profits to the Kalahari Peoples Fund. They are a not for profit organisation formed for the benefit of the San and other indigenous peoples of the Kalahari Desert. Its main function is to act as a liaison between the rural peoples of the Kalahari region and the individuals, groups and agencies who are able to assist in their economic, educational, cultural and sustainability needs. Redbush Tea Co. is very proud of the fact that rooibos has its historic roots as a Bushman medicine, and it is for this reason that we do, and will continue to support these truly amazing people. Redbush Tea has a long standing relationship with them. For more information on our projects go to 'Our Work with the Bushmen'

Does rooibos contain oxalic Acid?

Rooibos contains only 5.5 umol/litre of oxalic acid, where regular black tea contains 100 umol/litre. It is also free from sulfites. Which is good news to those suffering from kidney stones as it should not exacerbate your condition.

Do you sell an organic Redbush Tea?

Our original Redbush Tea is not classed as organic, it is however grown without genetic modification and the finished product is free from any pesticide residue.

Does rooibos contain antioxidants and flavonoids?

Yes it most certainly does, and is rich in both, giving even green tea a good run for your money. It also contains Aspalathin, a flavonoid not present in any other plant, and also Quercetin which many believe can inhibit the effects of allergic reactions.

What can you tell me about Redbush Tea soap?

Our Redbush soaps should be suitable for even the most sensitive skin types as they do not contain any synthetic colours, preservatives, detergents or chemicals. Our Redbush soap is made up of a careful balance of the finest natural ingredients which create a mild non-drying formula that will keep your skin looking radiant rather than irritate it. We have a whole page devoted to it so please click here for more information.

Our luxury handmade Redbush soaps can only be purchased by mail order or from our online store. Alternatively, you can phone us on: 0845 601 2658 and place an order. We accept payments by credit card, cheque or postal order.

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