N‡ama Borehole Appeal

We take our fresh water for granted; it’s as easy as turning on a tap or flicking on the kettle to make a cup of Redbush Tea. For the Bushmen however it’s another story altogether; often having to walk miles to fetch water from an unreliable borehole, is more common that you can ever imagine. Add to that the heat and danger of the African bush and the word "thirsty" will take on a whole new meaning.

They also frequently face conflict with central governments for access to water on "their" lands. In Botswana for instance diamond mining obstructs access to wells, while in Namibia border guards have been known to "commandeer" a Bushman owned borehole, leaving them thirsty and with an even longer walk to simply get a drink.

At Redbush we believe that fresh water should be everyone’s right. It’s like breathing in fresh air, it should be a given.

Each year we fund a special and much needed project in a Bushman community, click here to read about some of our more recent projects. 2010 was no exception, as we were determined to provide the Namibian Bushman community at N‡ama with a fresh, clean supply of water. Theirs was the well lost to greedy border guards.

So, if you chose to buy one of our special N‡ama tea boxes, you personally helped to provide them not only with a brand new well that is now giving them a reliable source of water, but also one secure from damage by elephants and other wildlife. These amazing peoples can now drink, wash, feed their cattle and irrigate their crops; thereby giving them a means of creating a sustainable living for the community.

From everyone at N‡ama and us at Redbush Tea, you have our heartfelt thanks . Please keep buying our tea so we can continue to support similar projects.