Even though not much is known about Bushman Art, we are passionate at Redbush Tea about supporting these fantastic artists. The San are some of the oldest people on our planet with a heritage that can be traced back over 40,000 years - recent research has shown that we are all by some link related to them. You can still find rock paintings dating back thousands of years across southern Africa; they are the last traces of a San way of life that no longer exists.

Through their art, they can on some level, come to terms with today’s pressures and expectations. By developing their own voice, the artists can create a real awareness about their natural surroundings and way of life, but also about the loss of their hunter gatherer existence and the impact this has had on their lives. Their exquisite and vibrant art evokes all your senses, while the raw beauty of these pieces shows that their knowledge and values can still make a valued contribution to our lives. Their art has been exhibited around the world and is even included in the Saatchi Collection in London.

"Kuru" is a Naro word meaning "do" or "create"

Kuru’s aim has always been a grassroots project - their art has become a voice for them; a way of expressing their love of nature and their ancestors but also expressing their recent struggles, in so doing they go a long way towards bridging the gap of the centuries.

Kuru has expanded to become a regional support organisation, stimulating local Bushman communities to take sustainable action towards their own development. Through long-term support of such projects as Kuru, Redbush hopes to continue to help re-build their self esteem and hope for a better future.

The Kuru Centre - now also houses a museum, workshop, art collection, library and information centre. Workshops include story telling, dancing, natural medicine collecting from the veldt, hunting and also toy making. We are hoping that the success at Kuru will inspire the world to further facilitate the unique contribution that the San can make to the treasury of world art.

Iziko lo Lwazi
Kuru Art