We are constantly looking for ways to provide you with
innovative products that meet your requirements.
Your skin absorbs up to 60% of any lotion or potion
that comes into contact with it, so it is always important
to consider what skin care products you are using.
In South Africa you can easily buy rooibos soap; and
many homes have other creams and lotions containing
this herb. However it is not so readily available in the
UK and we think it should be.

Redbush Soap contains only the very finest ingredients that are not tested on animals and we do not use chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colouring. In fact we often get asked how we came about with the recipe that makes our soaps so very special - well very simply we asked you! To make sure that we provided you with the exact soap that you needed we conducted a pilot survey of a large number of our customers and asked them to trial the soap for us and to let us have their feedback. The response was overwhelming, 100% told us that they loved the soap and would buy it.

We have not stopped there in our bid to bring you not only a fine but ecologically aware product, as early in 2006 we made the decision due to environmental concerns about the destruction of rainforests in Sumatra and Borneo to switch to a sustainable Colombian palm oil. You can read more about this in our ‘Environmental Statement’.

Redbush Exfoliating Soap contains all the qualities you love of the original Redbush Soap, but with the added bonus of three pure essential oils. Rosemary oil is known to stimulate the circulation and is ideal for aching joints and muscles. It is also excellent for oily skin. Mandarin oil helps relieve signs of dull skin, wrinkles and scars; and it is an aid in helping control acne. The third, pure lemon essential oil, is refreshing and stimulating. It has excellent antiseptic properties and may help with broken capillaries and varicose veins. Lemon oil is also believed to relieve a tired and exhausted mind! Finely ground rooibos leaves have been added to help promote gentle yet effective exfoliation which helps to keep your skin looking refreshing and radiant.

We recommend that you use our soap on your face, hands and body, in order to obtain the maximum benefit. Make sure you look after your soap as well; this soap is quite pure so it will soften and dissolve more easily if you leave it standing in water in the soap dish.