Historically the San lived over a vast area, and were not restricted by political boundaries or geographical borders. Like many indigenous and minority groups they are deeply committed to promoting their cultural and socio-economic rights. There are today about 85,000 San left in six southern African countries including South Africa. They represent our last connection to the hunter-gatherer existence, a life style that was present globally until 10,000 years ago.

Today the human rights issues which they have to deal with are similar to those in other parts of the world; discrimination, difficulty gaining access to land and natural resources and being subject to re-settlement programmes away from their ancestral areas are some of their typical problems. Numerous San were killed, tortured or made homeless as a result of the recent Angolan war.

Essentially The Redbush Tea Company through your support, will help the KPF to work with the San groups to promote innovative community based development programmes. These will range from training community members to become local teachers, ensuring that their culture and language is sustained, forming art and craft co-operatives, establishing farmland where crops can be grown to support communities, providing boreholes and irrigation, to buying computers for their schools.